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President's Update / Southport Chamber of Commerce



    Potential Merger

    Thursday, August 16, 2018

    Is the Southport Chamber of Commerce Merging?

    In a nutshell, the Board have decided we can serve the Businesses in our Region better as a stand-alone Chamber and not as a "Southport Division" of another Chamber that also have Divisions of Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Burleigh, Nerang, Robina etc. 

    Southport is the recognised CBD which is experiencing by far the largest growth over the next 10 plus years, with a higher per Capita Income for Employees than other Regions and we believe a purposeful Key Region approach is better than a fragmented one when championing the Gold Coast as a serious place to establish and expand a Business.

    Whilst other Regions have strengths in their chosen focus, we believe the growth of certain National and International markets are those we can more than accommodate, thus we are having serious discussions with major Stakeholders to ensure we do our best to do justice to those here now and cement the Southport major Development focus.

    Laird marshall


    20 June 2018

    Congratulations Headline Creative

    Monday, December 05, 2016

    David and Luke from Headline Creative have won at the 2018 maccas Regional Media Awards.  This time they won for the Best Community Campaign for their Stop the Spit Sell-Off campaign.

    Congratulations again to Headline Creative
    Platinum Member of SCOC

    Where will all the people live??

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    No big surprise that for most of the good folk who come to the Gold Coast….whether they be “Visitor or Tourist”, the reality is that  many will decide to more here, hopefully permanently.


    Whilst many of us are continually endeavouring to get some of the jigsaw pieces into place, Stage Two of the Light Rail to link with Brisbane being a key one, our redeeming factor we seem to have, especially notable of late, is the terrific weather.


    The number of Victorian visitors who are still escaping the volatile weather they experince cannot speak highly enough of our climate and the clean beaches that are so accessible.(and frankly much nicer than the orange Terrigal sand in NSW or seaweed washed up with rubbish in Port Phillip Bay!)



    Even those from Sydney know we have the bees knees here….without the nasty things in the water Up North. Fancy one lass from Lane Cove telling me she hadnt bought an outdoor setting for her new home “because we are waiting for the weather to get warmer”.



    With the apparent mini–turmoil in the Financial Markets at the moment due to the obvious dramas in many countries, the good news for some is that our dollar today is at 88 cents against the US Benchmark….dont forget it was around $1.15 in Mid 2011. So we are now a much more “affordable” place to be for the Overseas Audience…for Education and for Property Investment..and Residence.


    That finally gets me back to the Subject….where are they all going to live?


    85% of them will live in the existing Residentially zoned regions of the Gold Coast….and that means us too.

    The huge cost for infrastructure for power, water, waste water, telecoms, roads etc makes it smart to work with what we have. And guess what…the rezoning possibilities within 800 metres of the Light Rail track means many of those will be your neighbours in new large and small developments.


    I’m sure that means quite a difference for many of us in our local Residential Landscape but otherwise, where do they live?...and whose going to pay for the millions to create new Suburbs?….not me thank you.



    So facing that Reality of a changing landscape and changing population mix, lets not lose that overall reason why we are here…..the warm weather, the clean beaches, the safe boating, the Business opportunites………. and the chance to help make the Gold Coast the prime place to live in Australia.




    Laird Marshall 
    President of Southport Chamber of Commerce